Walter Dallas

Walter Dallas photo by Zachary Handler

High-resolution images on Flickr

We host high-resolution images on Flickr.

Please visit our 2013–2014 Season collection to see this season's images arranged chronologically.

How to download high-resolution imagery

Follow a link below to see what the page will look like before you complete the step.

  1. Select image set: Select an image set to see all images related to a performance.
  2. Select an image: Click on any image within a set. You will land a page that provides the image credit.
  3. View all sizes: Click the three dots at the bottom right hand corner, then choose “View all sizes."
  4. View Original size: In the “Sizes” row, select “Original,” the option furthest to the right.
  5. Download Original size: In the “Download” row, select “Download the Original size of this photo.”

Additional images and help

For additional images or for help using Flickr, please contact Sarah Snyder:

Sarah Snyder, Communications Coordinator